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Philosophy is often conceived as an entirely a priori activity, detached from what goes on in both science and in society. As a result, philosophers' work tends to be regarded as of little practical significance, if not as entirely irrelevant. 
These two conferences aim to show that this image of philosophy is deeply inaccurate. A group of PhD students of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield will present their current research, which grapples with important issues such as climate change, discrimination, and the role of emotions in moral judgment.
The first conference (Friday 22nd) will focus on recent developments in psychology and neuroscience, and will explore what philosophy can contribute to the mind sciences. The second conference (Friday 29th) will bring philosophy into the social arena, and will discuss some of the most pressing problems faced by modern society


Two Philosophy Conferences 


Friday, September 22nd 2017

Friday, September 29th 2017


University of Sheffield 


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